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Whether you are an investor or a crypto enthusiast, or Forex Trader, you can invite people with your referral link through the Goldy Affiliate Program and earn unlimited commission. Sign up or log in to your account and copy & share your referral link with other potential miners. Everyone who signs up using your referral link becomes your referral.

Earning Program

Affiliate Program : 10%, 12.5%, 15%

Earn with Goldy Affiliate Program. Simply share your referral link with people! Each user's commission is paid daily on the eWallet.
Join the goldy Affiliate Program

Get 3 % Affiliate Bonus for non investors and 10%, 12.5%, 15% for Active investors

Basic - 10%

Pro - 12.5%

Premier - 15%

Existing members can earn affiliate bonus by introducing new member. We pay 10% referral bonus if the person whom you have referred makes a deposit. Referral bonus is paid instantly.

Becoming An Affiliate Is Easy, Profitable & FREE!

Binary Program : 10%, 12.5%, 15%

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We pay a Basic - 10%, Pro - 12.5%, Premier - 15%. Binary matching income is calculated every 24 hours.

Why Become Goldy Affiliate?

The GOLDY Affiliate Program is not an ordinary program. It allows you to earn maximum within your referral network. In addition, we provide you with many marketing materials to help you promote GOLDY. The Affiliate Program helps you, as well as your referrals earn higher income and add value to your network.

Let's grow the trading community together with the GOLDY Affiliate Program!


Sign up and download our marketing materials to help you refer new customers.


All commissions are paid to E Wallet, which can later be exchanged for BTC, LTC and ETH.


All your referrals and Binary with an active investment receive their profits every day. At the same time you will your commissions daily and in proportion to their profits.

Start Earning In 3 Easy Steps!

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting goldy.cc . Promote it to others and earn a bonus of the profit for each sale that you make.

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How Does It Work

Step 1


Anyone can join the GOLDY Affiliate Program. If you don't have an account yet, creating an account takes just a few minutes. After you log in to your account, you can copy your referral link and start inviting people to join.

Step 2


Start by telling friends, family members and business partners about the great opportunity of a passive income. Even better, you can create marketing campaigns, use our banners on your homepage, place ads and much more. Build your network and earn commissions!

Step 3

Daily ROI

Log in to your account and start update your profile. Purchase investment package, and Get ROI also get Goldy Coin Token for each fund deposit of Dwallet . Additionally, you will receive receive Binary, Affiliate and Goldy Coin Token.

Step 4


You will receive commissions on active investments of your network, so it is important to keep these active investors. Even more importantly, you need to build a team, recruit more affiliates and train them to generate referrals to drive exponential growth in your profits.

The Most Innovative Blockchain Trading Platform


We make the difficulty of mining as easy as possible with a simple Platform.


Customers can benefit from lucrative profits through our investment and affiliate program.


All users have the control of their investment at anytime, With their personal private key.

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